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1 location, 3 styles

The Yellow Flowers

DSC_0221 copy5.jpg

Natural Beauty

The key here is keep in natural! Rachael’s moving naturally and it makes the photo look far more organic. I’ve done a light retouch on her skin and focused on keeping the flowers as a natural boarder to the photo, drawing the eye to her!

Key Tools:
Selective Colour (Flowers) mainly! Keep it simple and clean :)



DSC_0225 copy.jpg


To make this more cinematic I’ve used split-toning to add a cool/warm edge to my skin and the shadows! Again the flowers are framing my face and providing the background.

Key tools:
Split-toning (In Photoshop Camera Raw), Dodge and Burn (using Curves), especially on the hair and skin, Selective Colour (to tie it together)



Old film

For the final style I used some overlays to help create the grainy look of some old film style photos! I thought it would work perfectly with the blue/yellow contrast R was wearing :) I couldn’t decide which photo was better and so enjoy both!

Key tools:
Selective Colour (vital for making sure the blue and yellow work as opposites), Grain overlays and Noise filter.