So Uni is over… What’s next?



In the space of the last two weeks I've graduated, moved house (Twice), interviewed for and started a new job. It’s been intense! I now live in an apartment in Oxford and have moved up here full time. 

For the next year my focus is primarily getting my creative work off the ground, my next novel ‘Two Black Lullabies’ is out on the 15th of November. It is the first full length installment of The Serenity Saga and details the plight of Kat and her family further delving into the conspiracy of her disappearance. 

I have revamped my personal website ( and will be sharing more in-depth about self-publishing and marketing over there. I will also be posting more creative writing shorts and travel writing in order to expand my portfolio. Currently I do some freelance work writing articles here and there, I am available for hire as a freelance writer/editor/copy editor, head over to the website above for more information on how to get in touch about freelance work.  

In the next couple of months I will also be sharing my design work, I am currently working on a new clothing line set to be released and available to buy in September of 2021. I will be posting the majority of my work about this on my partner website as Idyllic Chaos is predominantly for us to talk about modelling and photography. 

In regard to modelling I will still be working hard on improving and posting frequently, I will be posting about modelling and styling here on Idyllic Chaos, working closely with Charlotte to produce more photo-shoots and posting some lifestyle blogs here and there. 



Since uni’s finished, I’ve moved back home in Surrey! I’m learning to drive so I can be a proper adult, and focusing a lot on photography, whilst I have the free time to start building a portfolio. I’ve already done four shoots and I’m so happy with them! On the digital side, I’ve been practicing my retouching skills so I can market myself as a retoucher for other peoples photos. I’ve also started building a portfolio website for when I re-brand my photography name, hopefully coming soon… 

Over the next few months my hope is to get a job to start earning money, whilst seeing if I can find work experience with some photographers in Surrey, to see more about how that world works professionally. 

There’s definitely a weird stigma about moving back home after university and it’s not for everyone. I’m very lucky that I have a place to go, and I live right next to so many areas of beauty to photograph in (Thursley Common, Guildford etc.). Moving home was definitely the right choice for me as it’s given me breathing space to let myself work out creatively what type of photography works for me, before being pushed back into ‘can I work that shoot in around my work schedule’. I’m always on the lookout for new shoots, so if you’re in the London/Surrey/surrounding areas, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with me to arrange a shoot or to see my portfolio.

Idyllic Chaos

If you like what we are doing here at Idyllic Chaos, Rachael and I would be more than happy to work with you! Want to do a photoshoot but not sure where to start? Need a hand with your writing skills? Want to learn more about modelling or studio work? Please do get in contact with us! (See the Contact Us page above)