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The Mess that led to the calm

The ‘Every Echoing Breath’ Launch Party

As my novel is self-published I am responsible for the marketing of the book and this includes promotional events, such as the book launch.

I was way too optimistic heading into the planning of the launch. The original plan was to host the launch in London. I found a gorgeous venue, booked it, and then they cancelled on me two weeks later. I wasn’t too worried at this point as it was still December and I had time. Then in early January I found the most gorgeous private bar to host in, exposed red brick, worn wood, those kind of vibes. I immediately booked it and set about getting the invites printed, the night before I was going to order the invites I got an email from the venue, yep, they cancelled too…

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The panic is slowly starting to creep in now, I’m six weeks away from the launch and I haven’t got a venue nor have I invited people. Cancelling isn’t an option as the launch is being marked as part of my major project (alongside publishing the novel) so I need to pull something together and I need to do it in the span of a few days.

I couldn’t send out any invites until I had a venue so that was the first task, I decided to move it to Oxford and with the help of my PA (oops sorry I mean my mother) I managed to track down a suitable venue.

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The Mad Hatter is a quirky bar in Oxford, with an Alice In Wonderland theme, on regular nights you have to solve a riddle on the door! This time the venue was wonderful and helpful, providing a Prosecco reception and allowing me to move around their furniture to fit in banners and book tables.  

So the venue is sorted, invites have been sent out and in all the confusion I’ve forgotten to get the novel printed…

We’re one week away from the launch now and I’m a little in the shit, after hours of research I find a 24 hour printer who can have them delivered on the morning of the launch. Cutting it far too close for comfort.

So on the day of the actual launch, the banners and the books arrived and they looked so good! I’ve never been so relieved. The launch was also on the day of my 21st birthday so after receiving the books early in the morning and rushing off to a lecture, I then headed out for afternoon tea to celebrate my birthday. It was a lovely afternoon.

Later in the evening, after hastily applying a bit mascara, I headed down to the venue to set up. The actual event was lovely, everything ran smoothly, many books were sold and it was enjoyed by all. Charlotte ran around with her camera (as usual ;) ) and captured some great moments.

I took this opportunity to announce the sequel ‘Two Black Lullabies’ which will be the first full length installment in my new series. The cover for the new book will be created by both Charlotte and myself.

Organizing this event was a baptism of fire into event planning, many valuable lessons were learned.

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‘Two Black Lullabies’ the first installment in ‘The Flecked Noise’ saga will be released on the 15th November 2019.