Shooting Lingerie for the first time!

First and Foremost: This post and these images have been created in collaboration with the two models I worked with. All models have given consent for their images to be used here. Pages and links to their social media below!


Izzy: IG - @pagesofizzy

My Aim:

As I’d never shot lingerie before, my first step was to try to work out what kind of photo I wanted. In lingerie, shoots are often split up by style, colour (or lack thereof), the models style etc. I decided that my aim would be to not get distracted by the colors and to try to find a nice lighting that would accentuate the model’s skin tone and gorgeous hair!

@bekki_dreamer (IG)

What style was I going for?

Whilst I’d absolutely love to shoot vintage, burlesque or more stylized shoots of the kind, I know I’ve got to build up my base first. I wanted to keep it simple in colour to avoid ruining the models skin tone. I was lucky to work with two stunning women who have beautiful skin and hair so I aimed to get the lighting to just highlight that in a more warm-toned way, rather than a stark white with too many shadows.

Shooting with a New modeL

From what I’ve seen, it’s easy for photographers to panic when put in a new situation, and especially if the model’s new too, to panic about having to be in charge. Honestly I didn’t know what I was going to do with it but I made sure I prepared.

Firstly I made sure that I spoke to my model before, I explained that I hadn’t done lingerie photography before, although I’d been in front of the camera for it so I could help with posing. It’s easy to make things fun, joking about accidentally making the lights way to bright, because at the end of the day if you aren’t happy - IT’LL SHOW! and honestly, knowing we were both learning together made it easier play around with stuff!

I absolutely loved shooting with Rebecca, she was so beautiful to work with and was brilliant at following direction and finding the light for her face and waterfall of hair (which is a gorgeous red colour!) She was wearing black which complemented the simpler lighting and highlighted her hair colour (one of my aims).

She also had the idea to bring in more props, a good idea when you’re not sure what to do with your hands, as it gives you something to move your body around. I’m so happy with the photos from this shoot!

Whilst editing these, I did focus on bringing out the hair colour more (I know I focus on this a lot but as a fellow ginger, I wanted to emphasise the gorgeous long waves of red!).

Shooting with an experienced model

After shooting with Rebecca, I had the pleasure of shooting with Izzy in a beautiful light pink chiffon top.

Unusually for a shoot, I’d been able to watch Izzy shoot earlier in the evening (although in another outfit) and so I knew that she knew what she was doing. This was helpful as it partially allowed me to keep focus on the framing and lighting.

With these shots, I tried to keep them softer, allowing Izzy to play with the light on her face, against the chocolate wig she was wearing, trusting that she knows her angles! Following on from Rebecca’s inspiration earlier, I asked her to grab some props, the feather and the sword. I wanted an almost dream like fantasy quality to the photos, without being to overtly ‘staged’ and Izzy was perfect for this as she makes props look so natural!

These photos were some of the first I edited, and I loved them so much, I almost struggled with the editing as I had a nagging feeling I had to make them special! I’d put these photos up as some of my best work to date, as the image in my brain and the emotion in the shoot was exactly what I had hoped for.