Rachael wrote a novel!

‘Every Echoing Breath’


I was supposed to write this and put it up whilst C was away skiing but a few things happened so it’s a little bit late (oops!). I thought I would take the time to tell you about my novel; ‘Every Echoing Breath’.

Creative writing has been something I’ve loved for years now, and when I started uni it became crystal clear to me that if I wanted a career as a writer then I would have to actually write something… I know that seems blindingly obvious but I have a tendency to daydream as opposed to actually getting on with things.

I started writing down a few plot points that I thought would make good stories, then I intertwined them and made them longer, more detailed, and before long I had the plot of my novel. This took me a while but once I had  a story arc and I stopped procrastinating I began to write it. I started by making a habit of writing 500 words a day, then as this got easier I made it 100, then 1500 and now I cap myself at 3000 words a day.

I don’t always stick to this, I’ll be honest, there are good writing days and then there are days where putting one sentence down is an achievement. But I kept going and pushed through right to the last page.

A question I’m asked frequently is why did I write this novel?

The only way I can really answer this question is by telling you why I didn’t write it. I didn’t write this book to make money. I have absolutely loved writing for this protagonist, being swept up in her mind and producing a story that I’m confident others will also get lost in has been an absolute joy.

‘Every Echoing Breath’ is available to buy 15th March 2019!


Midnight blue waves ripple across the sky, the liquid black light of the night curls and drips down the nape of my neck, seeking a place inside my head, eventually it comes to rest in the sharp dip of my collarbone. I open my pale arms to the trees, swaying and roaring with the wind, my dress flapping around my thighs.

 When an eight year old girl goes missing, not a whisper floats off anyone’s lips regarding the events of that night.

When a nineteen year old girl is found, eleven years later, her quiet neighbourhood is swept up in a media firestorm.

Dubbed the forgotten child, she desperately tries to learn to live a normal life. Gripped by mind bending hallucinations and the haunting truth of her disappearance, she begins to crumble.

And her abductor? Well he’s just around the corner.