The Uncomfortable reality of modelling in public

This shot was taken in the middle of Oxford with people continuously walking past and staring!

This shot was taken in the middle of Oxford with people continuously walking past and staring!


When modelling in a studio there is normally a specific crew of people around you, all of whom are expecting the modelling to be taking place. They are almost always informed on what outfits are being presented and what is expected of both them and the models. 

This gets flipped on its head when modelling at a location shoot. Often as a model you are surrounded by people with no idea what’s happening and those people must be thinking why is this weird girl prancing around overly dressy clothes with bold make-up. 

In a studio the crew pays attention to the model so far as their jobs go but they’re professionals  who are used to working in these environments it’s nothing hugely special. In public when a camera is pointed at you, every person who passes by has their attention directed towards you and believe me when I say they are not ashamed to stare. 

It’s one of those moments where you really do just have to block out everyone but the photographer (and photographer’s assistant if they have one!). There are always a few people that think they’re hilarious and will try and jump in the shot, I’ve found that if just smile politely and don’t entertain them they leave pretty quickly.  

You can be safe in the knowledge that they are all interested in what’s going on (which from a model’s perspective can feel a little judgemental), especially if you’re somewhere filled with business men and commuters, such as London, but, and I cannot express this enough, their judgement does not matter. They are not the photographer, nor are they the people who have asked/hired you for the shoot. They do not matter! 
Obviously don’t be rude to the people who are staring, just laugh it off and keep doing what you're doing. 

One thing about modelling is that over exaggerating poses and movements more often than not, translates beautifully on camera. However, the uncomfortable reality is that this looks weird af to normal people. Especially when you’re in a dressy outfit, loud makeup and sitting on the floor in odd limbed poses (see top photo).