How to Survive Dissertation Week

An unofficial guide…


1. Get some stationery.

Now obviously this won’t help you start writing, but your notes will look AMAZING - I recommend buying pens that come in rainbow packs for added flair.

(For those insta-worthy notes I would recommend sticking to black and using accent colours per theme…)


2. Re-read your notes.

Now it might seem a little late to be reading notes in a panic. But better late then never?!


3. Go mad and start writing outside at 6.22 am.

This isn’t a requirement but weirdly I got loads of work done doing this. Maybe it was the change of scene? The pigeons? Who knows…

(That’s also when I wrote this - fun fact!)


4. Be comfy

Rachael recommends never working in jeans. I would recommend a big hoodie you can vanish into during your second all-nighter in a row when light starts coming in the window and reminds you you’re still awake.


5. tea

We’re planning an entirely separate post on tea because we love it so much.

In the meantime I’d recommend Earl Grey!

This post might, or might not have helped you get through those weeks where everything’s a bit crazy… We’re currently in one of those ourselves! We’ve got loads more content coming (like actual helpful advice for working), and I’m super excited to share it with you guys <3

Love Charlotte xx