Our bedroom wardrobe haul! 


“Bring Pyjamas”

The one thing you can count on when coming to our house is that we’ll be in our pyjamas, and if you’re visiting you’ll likely be told to bring some. Day to day I have very little fashion sense but when it comes to pyjamas I’M IN MY ELEMENT.


Whereas sometimes I go the Charlotte route and go for comfort over fashion :p


Editing, reading, working - pyjamas are the way to go. No one wants to sit and write a dissertation in jeans. (C: Except me. I do this…. I love jeans! but then again I haven't started on my dissertation so we’ll see :o) Nothing beats a good pair of pj’s. Not only are they  some of the cheapest clothes out there (and as a student I fully appreciate that) but they’re also the comfiest! Almost every t-shirt can be a pyjama top and a lot of pyjama tops can be worn to lectures.


I have a slight obsession with plaid, I associate it with log cabins and the whole log fire, tartan blanket aesthetic. Which always makes me think of spiced cider for some reason.
(C: Rachael loves plaid, much like the recent VS fashion show, although she looks a little more like a burrito then they did :p)


Just don’t forget the cardinal rule, always have a few pairs that verge just slightly on the edge of revealing, y’know, just in case 😉

C: or just have a few that you can swish around in and feel like royalty!


Idyllic Pj Gallery!